• Digital Design

    Work with us to create new products or make meaningful improvements to existing ones. Our user-centered design philosophy is at the core of our clients' success stories.

  • Marketing Strategies

    We're here to help you navigate the complexities of today's marketing environment and provide you with a fresh sense of direction in the digital world.

  • Server Solutions

    We employ our own server infrastructure in world-class data centers across the globe to facilitate the best possible user experience after your project is launched.

About us

Originally established in 2002 as an advertising studio, over the years DMS has evolved into a full-service digital agency. The company is incorporated in Bulgaria and currently employs 3 full-time professionals on-site. We are lucky to also have contractors in other countries who have been with us from the start and now belong to the DMS core team.

DMS is built around a strong culture of collaboration, learning and sharing. We work in a very calm and creative environment where ideas are enabled to grow and flourish.

And we prefer to stay small. In our line of work, people are important – not their number but their skills and passion. That is why we'd rather keep a compact team of highly efficient professionals and work on fewer but more complex projects.


Responsive Design

WordPress Development

Content Development

Server Hosting

System Administration

Online Marketing

Dobrudjanski Hliab AD

Dobrudjanski Hliab AD initially came to DMS looking for assistance on how their existing site could be improved. We ended up designing and building a brand new site for them.

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After working with Dobrudjanski Hliab AD on their main company website, we teamed up with them again to create a new responsive website for one of their brands.

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Vita Bread

This time we helped Dobrudjanski Hliab AD with the design and development of a responsive microsite for the purpose of presenting their products on a global food industry summit in Istanbul.

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Coming Soon

Our new website is still a work in progress. We'll be posting more of our project showcases and some additional information on each of them in the coming weeks.

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